About Us

Atılgan Fight Academy(AFA) is one of the best locations in Ankara for combot sports training. We have everything you need ,such as speed bags, punching bags and TRX equipments. Atılgan Fight Academy offers World class Kickboxing, Boxing , Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu , Mix Martial Arts (MMA) and Cross-trainings.

Our aim is to provide the best martial arts training at an affordable cost.  Atılgan Fight Academy also strives to instill life skills such as discipline,respect, mental-focus,self-confidence and self-esteem. All of the skills you need to cope with obstacles of everyday life.

Our trainers help you set up and achieve your personal goals. You can take part in our group lessons ,as well as one-to-one private lessons. We offer challenging physical and mental cardiovascular training.  Our courses offer you a fun way to increase your confidence at any age (8-65) . You  can improve muscle strenght and flexibility, burn calories and lose weight all while learning effective self defense techniques.

By joining our exciting and entertaining lessons, you’ll have the privilege of learning how  to protect yourself and your loved ones as well as looking and feeling great. Please stop by meet  our trainers and see the u wating for you in our warm and friendly training environment. We are not a standart gym . If you are looking for a great place to  learn martial arts , we are the best place for you.

Coaches and Trainers

Name Degree DAN  
1 E. Ensar Atılgan 5th Rank Head Coach 5.DAN International Referee
3 Ömer Faruk Yalçındağ 1st Rank Kickbox Coach
4 Taylan Keçeli 1st Rank Kickbox Coach